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An electricity product that is suitable for your home

Kuopion Energia’s electricity sales are handled by the national energy service company, Väre. Concentrating sales with Väre brings various advantages and cost benefits to both consumer and corporate customers. Rapid and cost-effective development of new customer-oriented services is at the heart of Väre’s operations.

Agree a power supply contract with Väre

Väre’s Customer Service can advise on power supply contracts from 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri and 10am to 4pm Sat:

+358 (0)3 7773131

Väppi – your personal energy coach

As a customer of Kuopion Energia and Väre, you will have access to the Väppi app, your personal energy coach. Väppi provides a handy way of managing your customer relationship and contract. Väppi keeps you up to date with your power consumption. You can view your power consumption on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, and compare it with previous years.

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