Responsible cooling. From your hometown

Use Kuopion Energia’s cooling products to stay cool smartly, based on renewable cold energy and recycled excess heat. Relax and enjoy the coolness – with a clear conscience. We produce and sell ‘Kallan kylmä’ local cooling to all real estate companies, both old and new, in the Savilahti area. In other district heating network areas, we offer our customers Kiertokylmä cooling for properties.

Kallan kylmä local cooling

Kallan kylmä is responsible cooling, based on cold water from the depths of Lake Kallavesi, whereas excess heat from the property is recycled as part of local district heating production. This significantly reduces the environmental load compared to conventional cooling solutions. Free cooling, i.e. cold lake water, accounts for more than 70% of our production. Cooling is unobtrusive in residences, since the interior equipment can be integrated with wall or ceiling structures. Cooled air can be fed to a home via an air conditioner, ceiling radiator or underfloor cooling. Reliability and low maintenance needs make this solution an easy-care and worry-free option.

Kiertokylmä cooling for real estate

Kiertokylmä cooling will keep you environmentally and cost-effectively cool, and improve the energy efficiency of your building. While cooling your property, we will recycle excess heat for reuse in the district heating network. Cooling connected to the district heating network is suitable for cooling large buildings such as office buildings, shopping centres, hotels and high-end apartment buildings in the Kuopio urban area. The required cooling equipment is out of sight inside the building, which makes this solution ideal for cooling museums and protected buildings, as well as other challenging locations. We will conveniently provide you with Kiertokylmä cooling as a full service.

Cost-effective, complete cooling solutions

Kuopion Energia cooling significantly reduces power consumption compared to traditional solutions, and its costs are known in advance. District cooling installations are priced on a case-by-case basis – ask for more details or a quote! District cooling is long-term and has highly competitive lifecycle costs. It boosts the environmental ratings of real estate (Breeam, Leed) and will increase the value of your property if you connect up. A district cooling connection also takes up less space than property-specific cooling solutions.

Further details on pricing and invitations to tender

For more information on district cooling connections and pricing contact Sales Manager Teemu Tirkkonen:
+358 02 520 04