A reliable power supply. From your hometown

Our subsidiary, Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy, transfers electricity to where you use it – at home, for hobbies, or at a summer cabin, office or construction site. We maintain and develop our local electricity network to ensure an uninterrupted and sufficient power supply.

Reliable infrastructure ensures continuous power transmission

Our high-quality electric power transmission provides security of supply and maintains voltage quality. In Kuopio, security of supply is based on network cabling and sufficient backup connections, which we continuously maintain and develop.

Outages per customer in Kuopio have lasted less than 10 minutes, on average, in recent years. This is well below the national average.

As a municipality-owned company, we regard localism as a key value. We are proud to help ensure the maintenance of an effective infrastructure in our region. Our localism can also be seen in its employment impact in the region.

Electric power transmission over a smart network

We have a smart electric power transmission system that combines electric power technology with automation, IT and communication technologies. This enables us to control and even out power consumption spikes and automatically acquire information on power quality and outages, for more efficient power transmission. Our smart network also provides consumers with more accurate information on power consumption. Our system receives your power consumption data automatically, via remote reading. This enables us to calculate your electricity bills based on actual consumption, with no need for ‘catch-up’ billing. We can also use a remote switching device to easily connect and disconnect the power supply to your property.

A fair and non-discriminatory service for all

Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy is a neutral electric power transmission company within its network area, serving all electricity vendors equally. The power transmission price and security of supply are always the same for households, regardless of the company with which they have a power contract.

Sähköverkko’s Customer Service:
+358 20 52003 (weekdays 8am–4pm)