Kuopion Energia


Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy – distributor of electricity in Kuopio

Electricity that we produce is distributed to homes by an electricity network.

Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution in the main urban area of Kuopio. The prices of electricity transmission are monitored by Finnish Energy Market Authority.

High-class electricity network

The quality of the electricity comes from operational efficiency and the voltage stability. In Kuopio, the fundamental factors of operational efficiency are the wiring of electric network and sufficient back-up connections. We constantly develop the operational reliability of the network and our response aptitude in case of possible power outage situations. We react 24/7.

Competitive product

With efficient operations and good know-how of the city grid, we have been able to keep the prices of the electricity distribution very competitive. We constantly aim to be more affordable than average national prices.

Anticipating and reacting quickly and efficiently

In the Kuopio electrical network the average length of outages is clearly below the national average. All outages are fixed in the quickest possible manner.

Short power cuts that last a few seconds or a minute, are protective function in the network, which helps to prevent longer outages. Most of longer outages in electricity distribution can be prevented with these short, almost unnoticeable, power cuts, when the electricity goes out and comes back again automatically within seconds.

These power cuts are admittedly regrettable, but they rarely affect the functionality of electric appliances. Weather phenomena such as storms and snow blizzards as well as excavation works and animals may cause unexpected breaks in distribution network. It’s best to prepare yourself for a power cut no matter how unlikely that might be.