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Affordable, ecological and carefree warmth

Heating your property with district heat is best option for both energy consumption as well as environmental effects. If you look at the total costs, district heat is the most affordable heating solution that stands apart from other heating options also by being a carefree method due to it’s operational reliability.



Good for the environment

Using the joint production of heat and electricity makes it possible to utilise up to 90 % of the energy of a fuel. Getting such high levels of energy from our domestic bio fuels supports the sustainable development in the best possible way. There is a good reason why district heat can be called pure heat.




Carefree life

District heat is a carefree way to heat your property, as it makes sure your house has always enough of heat and warm water. Modern district heat equipment is durable and they need very limited maintenance.Kuopion Energia is on call around the clock, which makes fixing possible disruptions very fast.



Availability in Kuopio

Kuopion Energia district heat network covers most of the city and stretches to Hiltulanlahti in the south and Sorsasalo in the north.

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