Kuopion Energia



There is many ways to pay your bills, and we want to make sure that paying your bills is easy, quick and environmentally friendly. Please explore different ways to pay.

Our billing is honest, up-to-date and always based on the measured energy amount. The energy you use is billed afterwards and always according to the amount you have actually consumed.


Billing methods

The first invoice of your contract is sent as a paper bill to your house. If the client doesn’t change the method of billing, we will continue to send you paper invoices. 

Online invoice is quick, easy and ecological option. You can order online invoice through your mobile bank or when you are visiting your local banking branch. 

Direct debit is meant for clients who don’t use mobile banking. You authorise your direct debit at your bank branch. You will get your invoice information in the mail and the bank will directly debit your account on the due date.

E-mail invoice can be ordered by contacting our billing department at laskutus@kuopionenergia.fi

Our business clients can provide us with online billing information (B2B) already at the time of making the contract or later on to billing@kuopionenergia.fi


The content of your electrical bill

If you have a network agreement from Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy, you will receive an invoice for the electricity transmission and any service charges.

On the first page of your bill you will find the summary of your bill, the amount to pay and all the payment information. On the next page you have a more thorough breakdown of the billing period.

The contents of the bill is in accordance with the stipulation 1097/002/2013 by the Energy Authority.


Information of payment time and debt collection practices

Is it possible to get more time for the payment of the bill?

If your invoice have not fallen due yet, we can negotiate the payment schedule.
Contact Ropo Capital, kuopionenergia@ropocapital.fi, 09 4246 1324

And what if my payment is late?

If we have not received your payment on time, the bill is transferred to Ropo Capital for payment control and debt collection purposes. We of course account for the time the payment is transferred to us from your bank. You will receive a reminder of the payment with applicable reminder fee per our price list.

If we don’t receive your payment by the due date of the reminder, the invoice is moved to Ropo Capital for debt collection. If you pay your invoice at the latest by the due date of the reminder, you will avoid any debt collection fees. Ropo Capital collects overdue payments according to their own processes and is actively in contact with clients.