Kuopion Energia



There are a lot of electricity related questions, that we are happy to answer. We have collected some frequently asked questions and answers to this page, so that you get your answer as easily as possible. However, if you don’t find the answer, please contact our customer services.

Why do you need my social security number?

Firstly, because we need to be able to identify our client, and secondly because the electricity contract is assimilated with a credit agreement, as we bill the client afterwards on the basis of actual used electricity. We store your social security information with confidentiality required by the law.



Why is there no electricity at my house?

In a moving situation it is important to remember to make a new contract for your house. This ensures having electricity on the moving day. The contract is advised to be made two weeks before you need the electricity service to begin.

If the power is out for reasons unrelated to a moving situation, please contact our customer service, because then the problem is probably due to issues with your billing or electricity network.



Which bills have I paid? Where do I get my billing information?

Please contact our billing department for all questions regarding billing. They are at your service by phone 020 520 02.


How far can I move my payment date?

You can negotiate your payment schedule with our billing department at 020 520 02. In moving payment dates we try to consider that the client is not faced with excess charges and that there is not exorbitant amount of open receivables.


Why do I need to provide my phone number and e-mail address?

We inquire contact information of our clients, because we want to be able to efficiently communicate about possible disruptions in the electricity network as well as issues regarding the customer relationship. It is all part of our aim to take better care of our clients.