Kuopion Energia


A modern and versatile energy provider

Kuopion Energia is a versatile and modern energy services provider. We provide our customers with competitive and reliable energy services while simultaneously taking responsibility for the environment and our employees.

We produce electricity and district heat with combined heat production (CHP) at our Haapaniemi power plants and biogas at Pitkälahti. We use mainly fuels from the northern Savo, which generates jobs and prosperity throughout the region. Kuopion Energias subsidiary, Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy is responsible for the transmission of electricity.

Our sales of electricity is 700 GWh and 900 GWh of district heat sales a year. Kuopion Energia has about 50 000 electricity and about 6 000 district heating customers and the Group employs approximately 160 people.

Kuopio Energy Group as a whole is owned by the City of Kuopio.